General Description
Get stronger, get more size, get more muscle.

The new matrix called Creamap® creatine, including the last generation of creatine: Creatrona®. Creatrona composition includes a molecule that counteracts the PH of stomach acid and therefore get better digestion, and hence more absorption. In addition, the creatine loading phase required. This has been patented by Creatine Creapure, the quintessential brand in the world of creatine supplementation.

Add the essential amino acid absorption novel gene called GFSaminos. These amino acids are similar to human genetic aminogram, thus taking a more rapid absorption and a lot more to essential amino usual.

* Proprietary blend of creatine the last generation (Creamap)
* Essential aminoacids with genetic map of absorption (Grow Factor System).

The combination of these two substances results Creamap + GFSamino, a formula with which we get a absorption, strength, endurance, muscle pump that would be unthinkable to get other creatine.

Phase without charges, without carbohydrates, ultimately, a single formula:


+ More absorption.
+ More performance.
+ More effectively.

Price: 37€

 Supplement Facts
Como suplemento dietético, tomar 4 cápsulas media hora antes y 4 cápsulas después del entrenamiento.