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This is a new product designed exclusively for keeping optimal health , a state of healthy living and promote a natural anabolic state , helping to synthesize more efficiently the amount of protein that our metabolism needs .
TOTAL CONTROL PH balancing acts over alkaline acid ratio in our body . The body has to be kept in a balanced ratio over 60 trillion cells to carry out its many functions . All these cells need nourishment, droping waste and constantly renewed . In this regard, the blood serves two vital functions :
• Removing them toxic waste ( and acid ) produced as a result of transformation of these nutrients.
• Bringing all the cells that need nutritive materials , essentially proteins, minerals fatty acids , etc. .
PH TOTAL CONTROL helps us to achieve perfect balance for these two functions are carried out .

Wich benefits involves the athlete maintain this ratio in balance? Having the optimal balance between acidity and alkalinity in the body can make an amazing difference especially when it comes to gaining muscle, in turn will allow your body to build more muscle.

In fitness and bodybuilding usually leans to the acid side , due to our diet . This leads to many harmful side effects in our body which in turn erodes our earnings we do in the gym . The pH balance scale uses values ​​from 0-14 (0-6 = 7 = Balanced Acid • • 8-14 = Alkaline ) , the body works best between the value of 7.36 and 7.44 .
What are the most problems that affect the acidity on the athlete ?
1) The interruption of hormone secretion ( Increasing acidity stimulates secretion of cortisol / reduction conversion of T4 to T3 ( BMR ) / Reduced growth hormone) .
2) Muscle protein loss ( The increased acidity glutamine removes deposits , entering a major catabolic state ) .
3) Hypercalciuria ( acidity decreases Increasing calcium levels ) .
Does the athlete using PH TOTAL CONTROL if it takes a balanced diet? Especially the hypertrophy or bodybuilding athlete needs extra support to maintain an alkaline state . Mainly because the principles and physiology of life are inclined to an extremely acidic.
10 ml composition . 250 mg sodium chloride , magnesium chloride 250 mg, 100 mg sodium hydrogen carbonate , potassium phosphate 50 mg .
Composition per 2 capsules : Capsules Fruits Blend ( herbal extracts ) 890 mg .
( Lemon juice powder , Apple, Acerola dry extract , wild blueberry , grapefruit ( grapefruit juice) , MSM ( Methyl - Sulfonyl - Methane ) , Digezyme ® )
Composition per 2 capsules : Capsules Greens Blend ( herbal extract ) 843 mg .
(Pure Chlorella ™ , Pure Spirulina ™ , Nettle , Alfalfa dry extract , MSM ( Methyl - Sulfonyl - Methane ) , Kelp , Digezyme ® )


Take 1 mineral capsule (white color) on breakfast.

Take 2 fruit capsules (red color) 30 minutes before lunch.


Take 2 vegetables capsules (green color) 30 minutes before dinner.

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