Payment Methods | Vitobest® Official

1. Credit / Debit Card

Our website has integrated a new security system called SSL. You can verify this by seeing a small lock icon to the left of the browser's URL, to the left of https://. Additionally, the protocol is HTTPS, where the last line warns that you are accessing through a secure website. Once we are in our shopping cart, the payment is made using an encryption level with the SHA2 algorithm, which is the most novel and advanced encryption system used by current payment systems and payment gateways. Our company does not store data about your credit cards or security pin, once the payment is made, you will be redirected to the bank's POS, where they will ask for the card information, being completely alien to our company. Finally, the level of security contracted with your card will be applied, such as a pin code through your mobile phone, or a coordinates card, etc.

2. PayPal

We have payment by PayPal, the most famous online payment platform in the world. Through your account, you can make the payment with the available PayPal balance, or if you have it linked to a credit card or bank account. Of course, it is a secure, fast, and reliable system, and orders that come in through this payment method are processed immediately, as the payment is made as soon as you confirm your payment.

3. Bank Transfer

Finally, our website also has payment by bank transfer, in this way you can make a transfer for the amount of the purchase, from your online banking management or directly from your branch. It is also a secure way to do it, as no financial data travels over the network. The only disadvantage is the processing time, as we need at least one day to receive the transfer and process the order.