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Creatine (Clonapure®) 90 Perlas

Creatine (Clonapure®) (Softgels)

  • Clonapure®: Creatine monohydrate + Phosphocreatine + Phosphate.
  • Softgels format with 35% better absorption and 40% better bioavailability.
  • Ideal for high-performance athletes.
  • No need for loading phase.
  • Micronized creatine.
  • Suitable for people with celiac disease.
  • 90 softgels
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Clonapure®, the most effective creatine with immediate effect. Clonapure® quickly provides energy to the muscles. Its innovative formula works from the first day and no loading phase is necessary.

Now in Softgels format! 35% better absorption and 40% better bioavailability.

Clonapure®, is the first creatine supplement in softgels, a cutting-edge format ready to use that increases solubility, thus improving bioavailability.


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What is Clonapure® from Vitobest®?

Clonapure® is the perfect combination of Creatine monohydrate + Phosphocreatine + Phosphate to keep the muscle phosphagen system running for longer.

The muscle phosphagen system or phosphocreatine, is the energy pathway most used in strength sports and explosive movements.

It has been proven that an external supply of creatine phosphate improves muscle capacities in strength and explosive sports.

Clonapure® contains in its formula the real active form of creatine, which is phosphocreatine, making it much more effective and achieving an immediate energy supply.


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How does Clonapure® work?

Clonapure® starts to work with the first dose. No loading phase is needed.

Clonapure® works by increasing the muscle stores of phosphocreatine which is the energy source for intense and explosive exercises.

Clonapure® has a high content of phosphocreatine, which is the most active form of creatine, it is also the form in which it is stored in our body.

The availability of phosphocreatine in the muscles is of vital importance in energy production, as there is only enough ATP to provide energy for about 10 seconds.

Increasing the supply of phosphocreatine to the muscle helps increase the speed at which the body can supply ATP.

This increases the working capacity of the muscles and improves the energy efficiency of the muscle and ultimately total performance.


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The effectiveness of creatine supplementation depends on:

  • Optimization of muscle stores of phosphocreatine.
  • Constant supply during exercise to accelerate ATP synthesis.

Supplementation with Clonapure® not only improves performance, but also contributes to:

  • Increase muscle growth and strength.
  • Faster ATP regeneration, which aids recovery after long and intense exercise in all types of athletes.

With Clonapure® you will increase your performance in all types of sports, not only in strength or explosive sports, which include cycling, swimming, CrossFit, climbing, running, etc.



Why is Clonapure® from Vitobest® so effective?

Better absorption and bioavailability:

Clonapure®, from Vitobest®, contains in its formula the real active form of creatine, which is phosphocreatine, therefore, the response time of Clonapure® is more effective than supplementation with creatine monohydrate.

Maximum stability:

One of the main problems is that creatine monohydrate is not stable in liquids, it degrades quite quickly to creatinine -inactive form-, so it must be mixed quite close to the time of ingestion. Clonapure® has proven to be more stable as it is a combination of Creatine monohydrate + Phosphocreatine + Phosphate, which increases the stability of the formula by 25%.

Maximum quality:

Clonapure® is manufactured under the strictest European quality standards.


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How much Clonapure® should I take?

Clonapure® does not require the typical loading phase of creatine monohydrate (a high dose for 5-7 days, followed by a lower maintenance dose).

The recommended dose of Clonapure® is 3 g (6 softgels) per day.


How to take Clonapure®?

Supplementation with Clonapure® is effective with a variety of timing strategies.

The most common strategy is to take the recommended dose 30 minutes before training, but it is also compatible with post-workout strategies.

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Allergens: none. Gluten-free.

Ingredients: refined sunflower oil, Clonapure® (creatine monohydrate, phosphocreatine, phosphate), gelatin (softgel), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin (E-322), sweetener: sorbitol (E-420), humectant: glycerin (E-422), Softisan® (triglycerides), anti-caking agent: yellow beeswax (E-901) and coloring: red iron oxide (E-172).

Compositionper 6 softgels
Clonapure® 3 g
Creatine monohydrate

Take 6 softgels a day before training.

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